Sat 8/29/2020 - Hefei - Gushi - 191km (801km in total)

Aktualisiert: 31. Aug 2020

So sorry, but as soon as I reach my hotel room I feel totally exhausted and want to take a shower and then sleep.

Today I did try out a new schedule: Starting earlier (7.30, not really that early) and have a long ride in the morning, looking for a quiet place around lunch and rest there in the sun with unfolded panels as long as I can afford to reach my final destination still during daytime.

Since sun was getting stronger in my break I found always a good reason to extend by half an hour.... of course my 1.8kWh batteries are hungry....

For several sequences of today's following G312 I had nice bicycle pathes along the road, like you see in this picture.

But now, let's fall asleep. I am really done, and tomorrow again 155km planned. Looking so forward to meet Sam then in Xinyang! We will start with having a rest day there and assembling his bike.

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