Mo 8/31/2020 - Xinyang - Meeting SAM

What a great moment! Yesterday evening it was knocking on my room door, and there was standing SAM in front of it! Unbelievable, but it did came to the moment, that we really met each other. During the last months we spent hours on the phone discussing our setups, where to meet when, whether this trip can work or not. And most of you know, there was a much bigger chance for not working than working...

But tomorrow will be our first day to travel together! About 190km to Nanyang. I am really excited!

Today we spent the day with picking up his trailer, assembling it and then connecting it to his bike.

Due to sunny whether and no consumption our both batteries are full! What a start into our next sequence of traveling days targeting to reach Bosch Xi'an plant on Friday 4th of September for lunch.

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